Hiccups Cure: How to Stop Hiccups Quickly
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Hiccups Cure: How to Stop Hiccups Quickly

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All of us have experienced hiccups at some point of time or the other, and most of you would agree that it is really not much of a problem, except for creating a situation of discomfort and embarrassment. Read on to learn about the hiccups cure which can indeed help you to stop hiccups quickly.

Common Causes for Hiccups

Medically speaking, hiccups are caused due to sudden and involuntary contractions of the muscles in the diaphragm, which cause the opening between the vocal cords to close, thus impeding the inflow of air, giving rise to the 'hic' sound. But the exact causes of hiccups are however not understood clearly and on most of the occasions, the condition does seem rather mysterious with no clear cause.

The common causes of hiccups include, eating a spicy meal, eating too fast, drinking lots of carbonated beverages, and alcohol, sudden excitement or emotional stress, sudden temperature changes, overstretching of neck, irritation of eardrums, and use of tobacco.

Home remedies which can help to stop hiccups quickly.

1. Insert fingers in your ears and hold for 25 to 30 seconds. This simple tip aids in providing instant relief from hiccups by helping to send relaxation signal through the vagus nerve, which connects the diaphragm area.

2. Taking quick sips of lukewarm water can also help in providing relief from hiccups. Gargling water can also be useful.

3. Sucking on a slice of lime can be useful in getting relief from hiccups, similarly sucking a sweet candy can also be helpful.

4. Taking a deep breath and holding it for some time helps in relaxing the muscles of the diagram, resulting in instant relief from hiccups. Another maneuver which can be helpful is to cup your hands over your nose and mouth, and keep breathing


5. Other home remedies for getting rid of hiccups quickly include, placing an ice bag on the diaphragm for sometime, closing your eyes and gently pressing your eye balls, eating some sugar or a tablespoon of peanut butter.

6 The easiest way to stop hiccups quickly is by sticking you tounge out for as long as you can. Hold your tounge out for at least few seconds and the result is amazing, your hiccups will really stop quickly.

Prevention Tips: How to avoid getting Hiccups

1. Avoid eating hot and spicy food, and do not stuff your stomach by overeating. Do not eat too fast and take your own time while chewing your food.

2. Avoid over consumption of carbonated beverages and alcoholic drinks. In case you have to consume them, do so slowly; taking a small sip at a time. Avoid binge drinking of alcoholic beverages like beer - it will only make you more susceptible to hiccups and the ugly burps.

Even though short or temporary burst of hiccups do not make a cause of medical emergency, prolonged and recurring phase of hiccups lasting for as long as a day; can be indicative of serious and life-threatening conditions such as stroke, diabetes, tumor, besides serious infections and high body toxicity, caused as a result of impaired kidney functions. As a thumb rule, if your hiccups last for more than 3 hours, consult your physician immediately.

So next time you suffer from hiccups, do remember to use these amazing Hiccups cure. You can really stop hiccups quickly, simply by following these remedies.

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Hiccups are sometimes fatal,too.

Carbonated drinks are great for starting this annoyance up!

Good tips to have in the anti-hiccup arsenal.

The finger in the ear remedy I have never heard of before. I will give that one a try next time.

Valuable information here and nicely written, too. Some of these I have done, others are news to me. Thanks for posting these tips. Voted

Thanks, voted.

haha really I never paid attention to ways of stopping it because I just believed it would just vanish, but now I will certainly try to implement these things...thank you sir