Eat Water and Drink Food
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Eat Water and Drink Food

Ayurveda, an ancient South Indian medical system, suggests eating water and drinking solid food. It means water should be drunk slowly so that it may be useful for digestion. In the same way food should be chewed well so that it becomes a liquid-like substance in the mouth. Eating water and drinking food is very helpful for the health of body and mind.

You may wonder at the expression “Eating water and drinking food!” An old South Indian saying “Eat water and drink food” signifies the importance of intake of food and water to our body. That does not mean that we should eat only liquid foods.

Eating water and drinking food

Eating water means that we must drink water slowly so that it can be taken in large gulps along with air and saliva. Drinking food means that food should be chewed so well that it turns into a liquid form which can be easily digested. There is another Tamil saying which means that if you chew well and eat slowly you can live more than 100 years. Eating water and drinking food is the most important rule of the ancient medicinal systems of India, Ayurveda and Siddha. This insists the ancient principle of humanity that eating and drinking should always be a slow process. Eating meals in a hurry is always dangerous.

What does Ayurveda mean by eating water?

Ayurveda considers water as one of the five important basic elements of creation. Ayurvedic texts describe about the therapeutic values of various types of water. Just like foods, there are different types of water. They have different therapeutic properties. Well water, pond water and rainwater have different kinds of therapeutic values. Ayurveda says that water has the nourishing, healing and cooling qualities, since water is associated with lunar energy. Coolness supports the kapha humor(dosha), balances pitta and counteracts the dry effect of vata humor. Water lubricates the systems of the body and helps elimination of toxins.

If water is retained in mouth and chewed, it gets the heat of the body and maintains the equilibrium. Water is kept in the mouth for a few seconds and injected down with the energy of “prana”. Chewed and gulped water helps digestion. Ayurveda suggests avoiding water just before eating meals because it may dilute the digestive juices and affect digestion. It allows drinking water moderately during meals.

Drinking food and modern fast food culture

Modern eating is measured by speed. Life, including eating, has become a routine of fast habits. We cannot spare more minutes for eating since we have to be in a hurry to earn a few more bucks.

Benefits of drinking food

1) The saliva in the mouth should be incorporated well with the food. Only proper chewing can do this.

2) When we chew food, the amylase present in saliva mixes with the food and the process of digestion begins properly in the mouth itself. Amylase breaks down some of the starch into sugar inside the mouth and makes it sweet.

3) Extra mastication in the mouth breaks down hard foods sufficiently. It helps the stomach acids for easier digestion. Teeth in the mouth break down hard food.

4) Ayurveda believes that by chewing food to a liquid consistency it can prevent many digestive and allergic problems.

5) Chewing well mixes the energy of life force with the food. This makes the food agreeable to the body so that it may not be rejected by the immune system. Chewing adequately helps digestion in the stomach, intestine and colon.

Drinking food and eating liquids can create a great revolution in the health life of modern lifestyle. No doubt, slow and steady eating always wins the race of digestion. It is cent percent true in the eating habit. Keep water in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it. Chew every food well in the mouth. Drinking food and eating water can prevent and cure many diseases.

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