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One simple way to lose weight fast is to stop eating throughout the day. This can seem to be very easy and a way to lose weight without much work at all. However, fasting doesnÂ’t only have benefits but can also cause a problem to your health if it isnÂ’t taken control of carefully. Continue reading to find out if fasting could be the correct way for you to successfully lose weight and how you should prepare a fast.
Published by Shafi Choudhury 99 months ago in Digestive Health | +1 votes | 1 comments
Prolonged sitting and standing aggravates the swollen condition of the veins, but so does a lifting heavy object or even light ones if the lifting movement is improperly done. A low-fiber diet also contributes to hemorrhoids, since not having enough fiber encourages constipation, which then strains bowel movement. Pregnancy, obesity, lack of exercise, liver damage, and food allergies are the other factors promoting hemorrhoids.
Published by Ron Siojo 99 months ago in Digestive Health | +9 votes | 4 comments
Constipation is caused by the improper combination of food, insufficient fiber, highly mucus forming foods, protein putrefaction, enzyme deficient foods, and stress – which all delay digestion and slow down excretion. The longer the feces remain in the bowels, the drier and most densely compressed they become.
Published by Ron Siojo 99 months ago in Digestive Health | +15 votes | 4 comments
We all co-exist with bacteria, fungi and other microbes in our body. Many of these live in the digestive tract and are beneficial to our overall health. Antibiotics can temporarily alter the balance of good intestinal bacteria in the body.
Published by Cynthia Roberts 100 months ago in Digestive Health | +7 votes | 2 comments
There are different types of intestinal bacteria, friendly bacteria and not-so-friendly. Increasing friendly bacteria can be done by using probiotics or eating friendly bacteria foods to rebalance the gut and prevent disease.
Published by Fiona Wilkinson 100 months ago in Digestive Health | +4 votes | 0 comments
Poor digestion can cause serious sickness. When food is poorly digested, you donÂ’t get to assimilate the proper nutrients, causing deficiencies. In completely digested food can absorb by the blood stream causing allergies that lead to various health problems. If we keep the digestive system working efficiently, it will help keep our body on track.
Published by Ron Siojo 100 months ago in Digestive Health | +18 votes | 4 comments
High fiber diet is considered to enhance digestion by improving gastro-intestinal health. Other health benefits include fighting constipation and lowering the blood cholesterol levels by improving lipid metabolism. Vegetables and fruits are the most common examples of fiber rich foods, which should be included in the routine diet. Fiber rich diet also helps in weight loss naturally.
Published by Dr Shweta U Shah 104 months ago in Digestive Health | +4 votes | 0 comments
Parsley tea is an herbal drink frequently used as a cleansing herb.
Published by Daisy Peasblossom Fernchild 104 months ago in Digestive Health | +4 votes | 0 comments
A factual look at how to improve digestion and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in order to maintain overall health and well-being.
Published by Setareh Abbassi 105 months ago in Digestive Health | +22 votes | 4 comments
In todayÂ’s world it is quite hard to take care of ourselves and to enjoy our daily activities in a stress free environment. Thus, there is no surprise that more and more people suffer from several diseases and they are looking for a natural cure. Individuals who are interested in heart burn remedies will be surprised to see that online they can find plenty of information regarding their condition and how to avoid heart burns.
Published by Amariei Raluca 106 months ago in Digestive Health | +4 votes | 0 comments
Enzymes are the catalysts for good health.
Published by Bellatwix 108 months ago in Digestive Health | +2 votes | 0 comments
the health benefits of exotic teas and where they come from
Published by Susan Lee 108 months ago in Digestive Health | +4 votes | 2 comments
In developed Western countries, women have a choice whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed, and the decision is one for the mother alone and depends on what she feels most comfortable doing.
Published by Glen Road 112 months ago in Digestive Health | +11 votes | 4 comments
worst foods for health
Published by Espi 114 months ago in Digestive Health | +1 votes | 2 comments
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